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Dell 65W-AC ADAPTER for Laptops

Dell 65W-AC ADAPTER in Vostro V13
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Manufacturer: Dell

This is a Brand New DELL Original Product
65-watt AC Adapter for Dell Notebooks.

Compatible Notebook Models:

Dell Part Numbers: 00001, 330-2146, 310-2860, 310-3149, 310-4408, 310-7251, 310-7696, 310-7697, 310-7866, 310-8363, 310-8941, 310-9048, 310-9050, 310-9249, 310-9438, 310-9439, 5U092, DF263, F7970, HF991, M585J, MK911, N2765, N2768, NF642, pa12, Pa-12, PA-1650-050, PC531, XD733, XD802, YR733, 310-9763, CF823, 310-9757, 330-1069, HX648, 330-0946, YD703.

Inspiron: 11z, 300M, 500M, 505M, 600M, 640m, 700M, 710M, 1420, 1440, 1464, 14z, 15z, 1501, 1520, 1521, 1564, 1764, 6000, 6400, E1405, E1505
Latitude: 13, 2110, 131L, D400, D410, D420, D430, D500, D505, D510, D520, D530, D531, D531N, D600, D610, D620, D630, D630N, D631N, D800, D810, D830, D830N, E4200, E4300, E5400, E5410, E5500, E5510, E6400, E6400 ATG, E6410, E6500, X300, XT2, XT2 XFR, Z
Precision: M20, M2400, M4400
XPS:M1210, M140
Vostro:1000, 1220, 1320, 1400, 1720, V13
Studio:1457, 1458, 14z, 1537, 1555, 1557, 1558, Studio XPS 13

Product Specifications:

Power Cord: Included
Voltage Provided: 19.5VDC
Voltage Required: 90-135 VAC / 164-265 VAC
Size: 2.28" x 5.4" x 1.11"
Max Out: 3.34 A
Power Provided:65 Watts
Condition:- Brand New
In Stock:- Yes

  • ORIGINAL Dell product
  • Condition: NEW (not refill or refubrished)
  • Shipping from USA
  • Same business day shipping

Product Features
Compatible part numbers
Compatible laptops
Dell Inspiron 1420
Dell Inspiron 1501
Dell Inspiron 1520
Dell Inspiron 1521
Dell Inspiron 300m
Dell Inspiron 500M
Dell Inspiron 505M
Dell Inspiron 6000
Dell Inspiron 600m
Dell Inspiron 630m
Dell Inspiron 6400
Dell Inspiron 640m
Dell Inspiron 640m
Dell Inspiron 700m
Dell Inspiron 710m
Dell Inspiron E1405
Dell Inspiron E1505
Dell Latitude 131L
Dell Latitude D400
Dell Latitude D410
Dell Latitude D420
Dell Latitude D430
Dell Latitude D500
Dell Latitude D505
Dell Latitude D510
Dell Latitude D520
Dell Latitude D530
Dell Latitude D531
Dell Latitude D531N
Dell Latitude D600
Dell Latitude D610
Dell Latitude D620
Dell Latitude D630
Dell Latitude D630N
Dell Latitude D631
Dell Latitude D631N
Dell Latitude D800
Dell Latitude D810
Dell Latitude D830
Dell Latitude D830N
Dell Latitude X300
Dell Precision M20
Dell Precision M20
Dell Vostro 1000
Dell Vostro 1400
Dell XPS M1210
Dell XPS M1330
Dell XPS M140
Dell Inspiron 1526
Dell Inspiron 1525
Dell Latitude XT


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DELL 310-2860 PA-12 65 Watt AC Adapter in Vostro V13 
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