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Compaq Presario V5000 Series Motherboard 430198-001 for Laptops

Manufacturer: Compaq/HP
Compaq Presario V5000 Series Motherboard 430198-001

This is a Compaq Original Product.
PC Board- Motherboard (FF) with Centrino technology - Includes the Intel 945GM chipset -Includes RTC battery

Compaq Part: 430198-001

Built-In Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950 Video
Supports Intel Core Duo CPU
Includes Cooling Fans, PCMCIA Card Slot, ExpressCard Slot, Multimedia Card Reader
Supports mini PCI-Express wireless card

Compaq Models:

Presario V5000: Presario V5000T, V5000Z, V5002EA, V5005US, V5015US, V5031EA, V5094EA, V5030EA, V5004EA, V5006EA, V5015CA, V5025EA, V5026EA, V5032EA, V5033EA, V5054EA, V5059EA, V5079EA, V5099EA
Presario V5100: V5101US, V5102NR, V5105CA, V5105US, V5108CU, V5115US, V5119US, V5120NR, V5160EA, V5160US
Presario V5200: V5201US, V5204NR, V5207NR, V5210US, V5201CA, V5205NR, V5206OM, V5208CA, V5209US, V5210CA, V5215LA, V5218LA, V5220EA, V5221EA, V5222EA, V5236EU, V5243TU, V5245eu, V5248TU, V5249TU, V5250TU, V5251TU, V5253TU, V5254TU, V5255TU, V5256TU, V5257TU, V5258TU, V5259TU, V5260TU, V5261TU,
Presario V5300: V5303NR, V5304US, V5305WM, V5306US, V5307US, V5308US, V5310US, V5315WM.

This main board is compatible with the following systems:

Presario V5232EA: RE317EAR, RE317EA
Presario V5200 CTO: EM711AV, EM712AV,
Presario V5200: EX099PA, EX100PA, EX102PA, RB694PA, RB695PA, RB696PA, RB697PA, RB698PA, RB699PA, RB700PA, RB701PA, RB702PA, RD457PA, RD469PA, RD509PA, RD510PA, RD511PA, RD512PA, RD513PA, RD514PA, RD515PA, RD519PAR, RD519PA, RD520PAR, RD520PA, RD561PA, RD562PA, RD587PA, RD588PA, RD593PA, RD900PA, RD922PA, RD955PA, RD957PA, RD979PA
Presario V5200: RE309EA, RE311EAR, RE311EA, RE312EA, RE313EA, RE315EAR, RE315EA, RE947PC.
Presario V52000 CTO: EX228AVR, EX228AV.
Presario V5260TU: RM600PA.
Presario V5303NR: RG228UAR, RG228UA

  • ORIGINAL Compaq/HP product
  • Condition: NEW (not refill or refubrished)
  • Shipping from USA
  • Same business day shipping


Compaq Presario V5000 Series Motherboard 430151-001

Part numbers:

HP Compaq AC Adapter 65 Watt

HP Compaq AC Adapter 65 Watt in Presario V5100 
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HP Compaq 90W Smart-pin AC Adapter

HP Compaq 90W Smart-pin AC Adapter in Presario V5100 
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